Membership Categories

Our Members are our Investors. When you join BioNJ, you are investing in yourself, your organization, the New Jersey ecosystem and BioNJ. And at BioNJ we are committed to delivering an ROI on that investment. Our Membership Nomenclature notes the investment our Members are making and reminds us of the precious resources they are providing and our commitment and obligation to deliver an ROI on that investment.

Market Maker Member

Organizations that affiliate with BioNJ at the highest level of support become our most esteemed partners and associates in the work of advancing the health of the biotechnology industry and the awareness of the most important industry in New Jersey. Dues are $50,000.

Preferred Member

Organizations that elect to become Preferred Investors of BioNJ make a clear commitment and investment in the growth of the biotechnology and life sciences industry in NJ by supporting legislative and regulatory efforts, life science business activities, business networking and education. Dues are $30,000.

Executive Member

Organizations that chose to become Executive Investors demonstrate their interest in fostering the growth of biotechnology in NJ along the entire spectrum of activities supported by the Association. Dues are $15,000.

Innovation Member

Any corporation, partnership, association or other entity, with research and development activities that principally involve biotechnology or pharmaceutical research and development, manufacturing, diagnostics, drug discovery and technology transfer is eligible as an Innovation Investor. These Members have voting rights. Dues are based upon the total number of people employed by the company.

  • $250 for up to 10 employees for the first year ($500 thereafter)
  • $1,000 for 11-20 employees
  • $1,500 for 21-50 employees
  • $3,500 for 51-99 employees
  • $5,000 for 100-200 employees
  • $6,000 for greater than 200 employees

Associate Member

Any corporation, partnership, association or other entity with a substantial portion of business activities involving the provision of services or products of benefit to companies whose principal business is biotechnology, is eligible as an Associate Investor. Dues are based upon the total number of people employed by the company.

  • $500 for fewer than 3 employees
  • $750 for 3-10 employees
  • $1,500 for 10-50
  • $3,000 for 51-99 employees
  • $4,000 for 100-199 employees
  • $5,000 for 200-299 employees
  • $6,000 for greater than 300 employees

Institutional Member

Any non-profit institution not generally eligible as an Innovation Member, working in support of biotechnology, is eligible as an Institutional Member. Dues are $1,000.

International Member

Any company/organization without a New Jersey location that is interested in supporting and interacting with the New Jersey biosciences community may be eligible as an International  Member. Dues are $1,000.

In Transition Member

The In Transition category is reserved for individuals only with no company affiliation. Dues are $100.

Student Member

Any student currently enrolled in college or graduate school with an interest in biotechnology is eligible for Student Membership. Dues are $50.