An Invitation from the President and CEO

Dear Future BioNJ Member:

On behalf of BioNJ’s Board of Directors and Patients Who Can’t Wait, I invite you to invest in yourself and New Jersey’s robust ecosystem through BioNJ Membership. As the industry’s voice in New Jersey, BioNJ’s mission is to help our Members help Patients by driving capital formation, fostering entrepreneurship, advocating for public policies that advance medical innovation, providing access to talent and education and offering a cost-saving array of critical commercial resources.

We are proud of the numerous mentorships and partnerships we have assisted in fostering. Through our programs, including networking events, forums, conferences and committees, our Members have the unique opportunity to expand their industry knowledge and business relationships.

As a BioNJ Member, your entire organization can benefit from the broad range of benefits that BioNJ offers. BioNJ is committed to bolstering the growth and prosperity of New Jersey’s life sciences ecosystem by supporting you and all our Members in the discovery, development and commercialization of therapies and cures that save and improve lives.

Thank you for your consideration. I invite you to contact Kim Minton at or at 609-890-3185 to learn more about BioNJ Membership. Kim will make sure that you benefit from everything that Membership has to offer.

Because Patients Can’t Wait ®,

Debbie Hart
President and CEO