Weekender 12/11/15

This week’s Weekender is a celebration of collaboration on medical innovation and the approval of additional drugs for the Patients who need them…

Congratulations to BioNJ Member Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey on their recent grant from the American Cancer Society!

An additional congratulations goes to BioNJ Members Bristol-Myers Squibb and Princeton University Department of Chemistry on their new research collaboration, which includes the establishment of the Center for Molecular Synthesis (BMS-CMS). The agreement creates opportunities for scientists at Princeton University and Bristol-Myers Squibb to collaborate on top-flight synthetic chemistry research.

BioNJ Members Merck and Amgen announced a cancer immunotherapy collaboration to support a Phase 1b/3 study investigating BLINCYTO® in combination with KEYTRUDA® in patients with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL), which is the most common type of non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

BioNJ Member Celgene and AstraZeneca announced the initiation of the FUSION clinical development program of durvalumab, “which represents an important step forward in Celgene’s development of immuno-oncology approaches in hematologic disease.”

BioNJ Member PTC Therapeutics has entered into a research collaboration with Massachusetts General Hospital for the treatment of rare genetic disorders resulting from pre-mRNA splicing defects. The collaboration reflects both parties’ commitment to improving the lives of those who suffer from rare and neglected diseases.

Meanwhile BioNJ Member Pfizer announced the FDA approval of QuilliChew ER chewable tablets. Pfizer now offers two different products for the treatment of ADHD in patients ages 6 years old and above.

Teva Pharmaceutical and Eagle Pharmaceuticals announced the FDA approval of BENDEKA™, injection, a liquid, low-volume (50 mL) and short-time 10-minute infusion formulation of bendamustine. BENDEKA™ is approved for the treatment of patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia and for the treatment of patients with indolent B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma that has progressed during or within six months of treatment with rituximab or a rituximab-containing regimen.

Congratulations to New Jersey for ranking within the top 10 for quality of life on LawnStarter’s 2015 Quality of Life Index!


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