Biotech 2012 Breakout Sessions Tackle the Tough Issues

Biotech 2012Biotech 2012, the premier gathering of the life sciences industry in the Mid-Atlantic region, is moving to a one-day format. The transition from the “track” session employed at past meetings will provide a more targeted program featuring seven breakout sessions that will examine some of the most important issues facing the life sciences industry today.

The schedule for the Breakout Sessions for Monday, October 22, at the Sheraton Downtown Hotel in Philadelphia is as follows:

10:15 a.m. — 11:15 a.m.

Al Altomari
Al Altomari
President & CEO
Agile Therapeutics
Bob Radie
Bob Radie
President & CEO
Egalet, Ltd.
Donna Tempel
Donna Tempel
President & CEO
Drais Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Steve Tullman
Steve Tullman
Chairman & CEO
Ceptaris Therapeutics

These esteemed CEOs have all joined Biotech 2012 for our Monday morning breakout session: Panel of CEOs: “Lather, Rinse, Repeat.”

Panel of CEOs: “Lather, Rinse, Repeat”

“Business Development” is typically seen as an effort at in-licensing, mergers, or acquisitions, but some recent successes suggest that it should be viewed as a responsibility of building companies…and an industry. Our panel of CEOs will discuss their experiences and share insights into starting, running, and possibly selling a life sciences company, only to do it again and again.

What are the key terms during rounds of funding? Are there issues to focus on first? Others to delay? How do you select a management team, an internal culture, and an exit?
Then you rinse and repeat…. How do you keep the team together and the established camaraderie after the exit to do it all again successfully? Lather…rinse…repeat….

Filling the Pipeline: In the Drug Development Mix

Targets for drug development and commercialization are undergoing rapid transformation. Blockbuster drugs are from a bygone era, and orphan drugs and personalized medicine are driving big pharma and specialty pharmaceutical companies’ pipelines. A leading analyst has stated: “Orphan drugs have the potential to generate as much lifetime revenue as treatments used for more common health conditions.” Current estimates indicate that 250 new rare diseases are identified annually and a number of orphan drug therapies are already achieving blockbuster status with the orphan drug market being estimated at over $50 billion globally at the end of 2011. This panel will explore drug development from several different perspectives, including medical need, commercial viability, and critical resource allocation decisions that must be faced by small and big pharma.

Show Me the Money

In this constrained funding environment, companies are struggling and strategizing to find their next cash infusion. This panel will examine the best and most creative tools available to keep companies alive and moving forward, a review of the opportunities the JOBS Act will provide, as well as forward royalty streams and angel investor syndicates.

Panelists will discuss key issues for life sciences companies considering an initial public offering (IPO) as well as the use of general solicitation in private offerings, the viability of crowdfunding, and new relief from the inadvertent triggering of SEC reporting requirements.

11:30 a.m. — 12:30 p.m.

Collaboration Is Key or Be Forever Late for Success: The Dealmaker’s Intentions Survey

Launching a discussion based on a report from Campbell Alliance on The Dealmaker’s Intentions Survey, this panel will address the drivers in the life sciences market presenting a confluence of major challenges for companies. Product pipelines have not kept pace with regulatory demands and delays. This panel will examine deal-making intentions in the pharma and biotech industries through a forward-looking measure — four years running with the intent of providing strategies for successful collaboration.

Exit This Way

Thin pipelines and the need for acquisitions are on the minds of global pharma CEOs and the executives of mature mid-sized companies alike. CEOs of late-stage, privately held companies need to be thinking about this and how to market themselves and their organizations as acquisition targets. The panel will discuss the M&A and L&A environment and, with so many potential opportunities, what makes a deal attractive to the increasingly acquisitive large industry players.

Cost, Quality, Access…and Solutions: Dealing with the New Look of Healthcare

The siloed walls of the past are falling, and there is a growing trend to redefine healthcare value by offering full solutions for patients’ unmet medical needs by broadening product and/or service offerings. Learn what some companies are doing to become healthcare solution providers by now offering branded pharmaceutical products, specialty products, generics, and/or devices, as well as services to become premier partners to providers and their patients.

2:15 p.m. — 4:00 p.m.

Super Session: The Collision of Regulatory and Reimbursement Considerations

The year 2012 saw the reauthorization of PDUFA, MDUFA, and GDUFA, as well as the eCTD Mandate, new M1 Specification changes, OPDP (formerly DDMAC) submissions, and changes in review timelines. If there was any doubt about the Affordable Care Act and its impact, the Supreme Court brought the nation closer to implementation.

This “super session” will address the issues, challenges, and opportunities inherent in the actions taken this year by our government. What should company executives be planning? Where did we receive clarity…and where do things remain undecided or confusing?
Most important, what do the experts think will happen after January 1, 2013?

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