Talent Network Update – October 2011

Welcoming Two New BioNJ Members Onto the BioNJ Life Sciences Talent Network Team!

We are pleased to announce that Kristin Hassan and Matt Alcalde recently joined the BioNJ Life Sciences Talent Network team.

Kristin Hassan, a well-known face at BioNJ, has been an employee for several years, successfully handling a wide variety of member relations responsibilities for BioNJ. Her industry relationships span from large employers through early-stage companies. Kristin brings a deep understanding of the industry landscape across New Jersey and a plethora of skills and knowledge to the BioNJ Life Sciences Talent Network team.

Matt Alcalde is no stranger to the BioNJ Life Sciences Talent Network either. Matt was a member of the Green BioNJ Life Sciences Talent Network in its infancy stage, working through Middlesex County. Matt also previously worked for BioNJ on the highly successful and popular Fellowship Training Program. Matt’s expansive knowledge of the industry and his previous experience with an early BioNJ Life Sciences Talent Network make him an ideal addition to our team.

Although both Kristin and Matt will contribute in a wide variety of ways to the growth of the BioNJ Life Sciences Talent Network, they are both beginning with a strong focus on employer outreach activities, educating industry employers about the BioNJ Life Sciences Talent Network and discovering ways for companies to more effectively tap into the local talent pool.

Please feel free to reach out to Kristin Hassan and Matt Alcalde directly for assistance or more information.

Calling All Employers! – Tap the Talent Pool in New Jersey

BioNJ’s Life Sciences Talent Network team has hit the road running and looks forward to scheduling time to meet with your organization in the near future. If your company has current hiring needs and would like assistance tapping into the vast pool of high-quality industry talent in New Jersey, we can help. There are a wide variety of resources and services we offer through our BioNJ Life Sciences Talent Network, and we want to be sure that your organization can take immediate advantage of these great services.

In addition, BioNJ’s Career website offers employers the ability to conduct a wide variety of specialized searches for candidates and post job opportunities, which we can promote through additional professional networks to give you even greater local visibility. We can even customize searches and plan innovative hiring events to help you grow your team! These are just a few of the services we offer. Give us a call at BioNJ Headquarters at 609-890-3185 if you are ready to learn more and gain some extra hands for your hiring and sourcing efforts.

NJ Hiring Incentives for Employers

BioNJ’s Life Sciences Talent Network works in close partnership with the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development to help industry business leaders take advantage of the wide variety of incentive programs currently available. Your organization may qualify for money to subsidize wages for new hires through some of these incredible programs. Our team will make it easy for you to learn which programs are right for you, and we will connect you directly with the individuals who can walk you through the registration process. You may be amazed at the incentives out there! Click here for more information.

Wrap-up of BioNJ Life Sciences Talent Network Events

September was a busy month for the BioNJ Life Sciences Talent Network, and now that the team is complete, it only means more events are coming. Until then, here’s a wrap-up of what the team’s been up to in September.

On September 21, LifeCell hosted the very first Learning and Networking Day at its Branchburg campus. The message behind the event had everything to do with community, celebrating the unique backgrounds and ideas of various groups and organizations, which can help develop and empower LifeCell’s employees. BioNJ wouldn’t pass up a chance to be a part of this networking event, and Kristin Hassan and Linda Pontell hosted a table to talk about customized training grants and other BioNJ services.

Customized Training Grants, as in the Biotech 4 & 5 Grants, offer industry educational and training programs to employees, at no cost to the participating employer. A wide variety of courses are offered, including project management, cGMP, Six Sigma, and Leadership.

On September 22, the Monmouth County Division of Employment and Training had its 2011 Monmouth County Job Fair. Matt Alcalde of the BioNJ Life Sciences Talent Network hosted a career resource table, where job seekers could get information on the network’s Career Exploration Tools. The event was a success, and the job fair had its biggest attendance yet, with close to 1,200 job seekers and over 100 employers.

This meant more exposure for the BioNJ Life Sciences Talent Network’s services, including the weekly Job Leads emailer, which lists recent job titles pulled from the BioNJ Life Sciences Talent Network’s Career website. The Job Leads list is part of the package job seekers receive for registering for free to the BioNJ Life Sciences Talent Network.

Biotech 5 Training and Workforce Development Grant

BioNJ is partnering with the New Jersey Council of Community Colleges (NJCCC) to write the grant application for a new Biotech 5 Customized Training Grant. This grant provides for customized training programs that can be made available to life science companies throughout New Jersey.

In the past four years, a total of 394 customized training classes designed to help employees keep up with the latest developments in business practices and procedures have been delivered to BioNJ Member companies with more than 5,000 employees enrolled. The training classes have been delivered by community college and NJIT faculty.

Due to the advocacy work of BioNJ, along with the NJCCC and several of our members, the Department of Labor and Workforce Development has issued a proposal that would eliminate all financial reporting requirements for participants in the grant.

The date for this grant submission is only weeks away. For more information please email Linda Pontell or call 609-658-3289.

The BioNJ Life Sciences Talent Network continues to grow with hundreds of new, local industry jobs opportunities posted by employer representatives to the website in recent months. Is your company using this incredibly valuable resource yet? If not, please email BioNJ Life Sciences Talent Network Director Vicki Gaddy at BioNJ Headquarters or call 609-890-3185. Or you can check out our Career Site (click “Biotech Careers”).