Blinded Diagnostics, LLC

Blinded Diagnostics, LLC

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Blinded Diagnostics specializes in the application of Point-of-Care diagnostic platforms to obtain same-day testing results for clinical trial patients. We possess expertise in meeting large pharmaceutical company clinical study testing needs with thorough knowledge of protocol design and Investigator training. When it is required, we can provide for the encryption of the diagnostic output of the Point of Care testing device – providing for the preservation of the integrity of the “double blinded” nature of specific clinical studies – and the origin of our name – “Blinded Diagnostics”. We are able to identify, and provide delivery of, innovative technology to conduct over 120 different vital diagnostic tests and capture critical performance metrics for Phase 1-4 clinical research programs. By utilizing the optimal selection of Point-of-Care Testing equipment, pharmaceutical researchers can achieve overall cost and time savings while providing process efficiencies throughout the clinical trial.

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For a general overview of the variety of Point-of-Care Diagnostic Tests that we can provide, please visit a website that we created for this purpose:


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