In the Trenches with Tranches: Financing Strategies for Growth

Access to capital is not a new issue to biotech.  It’s the issue and has been since the beginning.  And today, it’s not even a question of whether new ways to access capital are needed; they are a necessity.  There are new ideas out there, but which ones are working and what’s the best new thinking just beyond the horizon?  Real-world experts working every day in the trenches on tranches will sort out the strategies that hold the most promise for spurring continued growth.


Lorenzo Pellegrini, Ph.D.
Care Capital, LLC

Stuart Peltz, Ph.D.
PTC Therapeutics, Inc.

Chris Tyrrell

Michael Wells
Managing Director
Princeton Biopharma Capital Partners LLC


James Marino, Esq.
Dechert LLP

Inside Outsourcing

Outsourcing is no longer a trend, everyone is doing it.  But are they doing it right?  The financial and logistical upsides for companies outsourcing everything from clinical research, to manufacturing, to sales and everything in between can be significant, but before taking the leap management also needs to take a serious look at the myriad questions — from how to manage and guarantee quality to what does a company really “own” at the end of the day.  Go inside outsourcing.  Gain insights into how to maximize benefits and minimize risk in a world where not everyone is your employee and even their bosses don’t report to you.


John Barry
Global Head, Vendor Management for Development
Merck & Co., Inc.

Sally Macaluso
Vice President, Janssen R&D Procurement
Johnson & Johnson

Ralph Marcello

Raymond Hill
inVentiv Health Clinical

John Watson
Corporate Senior Vice President
Chief Commercial Officer
President, Strategic Partnering
Covance Inc.


John Fraher
Aptalis Pharma

How Wide is the Crack in the IPO Window?

News reports have asked whether the IPO Window is opening just a crack or if recent offerings are just the sound of a window seal break that will soon close after letting out some pent-up demand.  Whatever the trend, the IPO remains elusively out of reach for many companies – from startup to late-stage operations – that are intent on attracting financing and managing stockholder expectations   Peer into the experiences of CEOs who have recently managed to pick the lock and open the Window for their companies.


Kenneth I. Moch
President and CEO
Chimerix, Inc.

Christian S. Schade
Executive Vice President and CFO
Omthera Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Panna Sharma
President and CEO
Cancer Genetics, Inc.


Hector G. Calzada, Jr.
Managing Director
Deloitte Corporate Finance LLC

Billion Dollar Babies

You must have been a beautiful baby, cause, Baby, look at you now.  Like a child, every company starts out as an idea – a gleam in someone’s eye – which through great mental, emotional and physical strain becomes a newborn that must be nurtured with great vision, patience and care if it is to stand on its own.  Some companies grow up quickly; others will face many obstacles — some of them fatal — along the road.  The leaders of these billion dollar New Jersey success stories have lots of company-rearing stories and wisdom to share.


Anthony Marucci
Founder, President and CEO
Celldex Therapeutics, Inc.

Francois Nader, M.D.
President and CEO
NPS Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Glenn Sblendorio
President and CFO
The Medicines Company


Julie Kampf
CEO and President
JBK Associates International