Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee

BioNJ Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee Mission & Vision:

  • Mission:  Engage, Empower and Inspire All to Enable and Impact Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.
  • Vision:  Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are immersed, interwoven and integral to all aspects of our lives.

Committee Members

– Nicole Schaeffer, MBA, Chief People Strategy Officer
Pfizer – Monika Vnuk, M.D., Vice President, Worldwide Business Development

Ashton Tweed – Jordan Warshafsky, Partner
Assetive – Alain Van Loo, Founder
Bristol Myers Squibb – Liz Chebli, PharmD., Executive Director, Head WW Scientific Content and Market Capabilities
Deloitte – Alisa Wilson, Ph.D., Principal/Life Science & Human Capital Leader
EY – Jackie Taylor, SPHR, Americas Sector Leader & Global Client Service Partner/Principal
Faegre – Lynne Anderson, JD, Partner
Ferry Pharmaceuticals – Elsa Lopez-Toglia, Director, Diversity & Inclusion
Green Training Associates – Pam Sammarco, CPTD, MS, CEO
Hart & Chin – Juliet Chin Hart, CEO & Founder
Insmed – Will Lewis, JD, MBA, Chairman & CEO
Jackson Lewis – Leslie Saint, Associate
Johnson & Johnson Innovation – Sean Evans, Ph.D., Scientific Engagement Lead
Leaderstrong – Jack Levitt, Founder
Marsh – Annie Devine, Senior Sales Executive
Merck – Anita Manik, Business Development Lead
Nevakar – Reema Puri, Senior Vice President, Human Resources
NJ Commission on Science, Innovation & Technology – Judith Sheft, MSc, MBA, Executive Director, Commission on Science, Innovation & Technology
Novartis – Wanda Sims, Director, Diversity & Inclusion
Princeton University – Nehemie Guillomaitre, Grad Student
PTC Therapeutics – Pamela Zapata, Direct – Global Equality, Diversity & Inclusion
Thermo Fisher – Kristin Roosevelt, Industry Director
Rita Kelley, In Transition