Fisher Scientific

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Laboratory Equipment and Supply

As an active member of the New Jersey life science community, Fisher Scientific partners with BioNJ to assure that its Members have access to the broadest, most innovative selection of products in the industry. We work to provide technical support, procurement solutions and laboratory services to assure you reach your research goals more effectively and efficiently, delivering success for the future.

Some highlights of our Fisher Scientific Member benefits are noted below along with links that will provide more information with just a click.

Contact Kristin Roosevelt via email at, or by phone (610) 453-0370 for more information. Please CLICK HERE to sign up today. 

Program Benefits

  • Competitively negotiated pricing
  • Member High Volume List: Fisher Scientific offers aggressive pricing on a customized list of high moving products that biotech/pharma customers order most often.
  • 100% Fill Rate on high-volume market basket items from local warehouse
  • Reduced transportation costs
  • Next-day delivery on orders placed by 2:00 p.m.
  • Comprehensive product portfolio that offers brands you know and trust for all major life science applications
  • Utilization of Fisher resources to identify opportunities to implement programs to reduce Member expenses through product cost-reduction and process improvement
  • Service level and usage reports on a monthly/quarterly basis
  • Professional Field Sales Representatives and Customer Service for all Members
  • One-stop shop portfolio of over 800,000 products provides choice, convenience and savings.
  • Service and leasing agreements available for laboratory instruments at discounted rates
  • Immediate credit line established for BioNJ Members

Introducing the Fisher Scientific Results Program

Laboratories today need more than just an instruments and consumables supplier. You want a partner with expertise in your field who understands industry-specific workflows and the need to improve efficiency, while helping identify the most cost-effective methods of achieving results.

When you spend endless hours looking for the best technologies and working with different vendors, you lose valuable research time. RESULTS avoids this, providing laboratories with one supplier that designs and delivers application-specific solutions that ensure the best possible results and improve workflows across entire applications from sample collection to data collation within genomics, proteomics, microbiology, cell biology and separation science. The RESULTS program provides access to an all-inclusive workflow solution that includes trusted brands, technical expertise and depth of product choice ensuring success and consistent, dependable results. The goal is for customers to have the right product solutions to solve their research challenges and improve productivity, allowing them to focus on their day-to-day work.

Moving On to a New Lab?

Moving to a new lab can be exciting, but it also brings its own set of unique challenges. Searching for new contacts to help you get the supplies and services you’ll need shouldn’t be one of them.

Let Fisher Scientific Help you with Your Fresh Start

Complete our Moving On registration form to let us know where you’re moving to and when. We’ll send you an e-mail that contains contact information for the Fisher Scientific sales representative in your new location. We’ll also let your new sales representative know you’re moving, so that he or she can be there to help you get started right away. Register at

Helping Your Research Dollars Go Farther

Fisher Scientific is pleased to offer over 100 promotions on the brand names and trusted products that you use every day. Just click here to view offers that stretch your funds