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Leadership Edge

From the Laboratory to Leadership

Your science is on the cutting edge. Are your people?

“From the Laboratory to Leadership” turns science-minded managers into capable business leaders. That means they’ll get the core management skills they need to fully leverage your company’s human capital.

In this four-day program, developed exclusively for managers in scientific fields, participants will learn how to:

  • Create productive teams in a challenging matrix-based team environment
  • Clearly communicate goals and expectations resulting in a highly engaged and productive workforce
  • Run effective meetings that drive results and minimize the time away from your employees highest payoff activities
  • Resolve conflict and reduce stress through an increased understanding of personality and work styles
  • Leverage limited resources to meet major milestones
  • Delegate with confidence while better utilizing your resources and talent
  • Conduct performance reviews and motivate employees through clear communication, employee development plans and the celebration of successes

The program includes company and industry relevant case studies, practical and engaging exercises, downloadable support tools for each session and a manual designed to personalize the training for each participant.

Add it all up, and “From the Laboratory to Leadership” brings out the best in your managers – which brings out the best performance from your company. It’s no wonder this program has served more than 4,000 managers from 400 life sciences organizations, including Genomatica, Takeda California, Axio Research Corporation, Bio-Rad Laboratories and Janssen Research and Development, LLC

“From the Laboratory to Leadership” is the first in a three-part management series created by The Leadership Edge, Inc., the leader in developing business skills in scientists, engineers and their executives.

Program Syllabus

Your Leadership Edge: (1.5 hours)

If you don’t know where you are, how will you get where you’re going? To be successful, managers must understand the competitive landscape, the company’s positioning, and how to advance the company’s goals. You also have to know the difference between management and leadership – and when to use each. This class will give you the know-how you need to drive success in a competitive marketplace.

Understanding Personality Styles: (3 hours)

Wish your colleagues were on the same page as you? While you usually can’t brainwash your coworkers, you can become a more effective and productive communicator, and this workshop will help. Using the Myers-Briggs personality profile, you’ll identify your communication style and learn how to recognize the styles of your employees, peers and supervisors – so you can reduce conflict and improve performance.

Priority Management and Meeting Management: (2 hours)

Are your priorities straight? Are your meetings effective? Properly managing time and tasks is key to being a successful manager, and this session will help you get a handle on both. In addition to learning time-saving techniques, you’ll identify your “high-payoff activities,” so you can reallocate your time for greater success. You’ll also learn strategies for meeting management – one of the greatest opportunities for improved productivity.

Goal Setting and Planning: (2 hours)

You’ve got the goals, but do you have the plan? For your company to succeed, strategic planning is a must at every level. This session will introduce you to three powerful tools – SMART goals, the Mind Map and goal-planning sheets – all of which will help you set goals, develop a plan of action, and ultimately achieve them. In fact, you’ll leave this class with one priority goal and a plan that you can put into action right away. And since success can’t be achieved alone, you’ll also discuss the importance of team planning and accountability.

Interviewing and Selecting Top Performers: (3 hours)

Are you looking for an orchid in an onion patch? Choosing the right candidate for a job is one of the toughest challenges a manager will face. While the right employee can increase productivity, morale and organizational success, the wrong candidate can drain your team’s effectiveness. In this workshop, you’ll go beyond the basics of interviewing. Instead, you’ll learn unique interview techniques that provide a broader sense of a candidate’s skills and attitudes, enabling you to make better decisions in employee selection.

Leveraging Your Leadership Through Delegation: (2 hours)

If you’re like most scientists in the business world, you’re short-staffed, you’re under constant pressure to meet deadlines, and, as a result, you’re often working as both a manager and a staff member. However, to really leverage your leadership and drive business success, you have to delegate. In this session, you’ll learn how to spread out the work with confidence.

Coaching and Feedback: (2 hours)

The foundation of every great team is a great coach. And just as coaches give pep talks to motivate their players, good managers give productive feedback to help employees succeed and grow. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to set, manage and monitor your team’s performance objectives. You’ll also explore techniques for ongoing coaching that keeps employees motivated and on the right track.

Conducting Performance Reviews & Career Counseling: (2 hours)

Whether you’re giving them or receiving them, performance reviews are often stressful. But they don’t have to be. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to make the dreaded performance review a positive experience for both you and your employees. You’ll know exactly what to say in every difficult situation and you’ll learn six key approaches for keeping employees motivated and focused – even when promotion is not an option. So, by the end of the session, you’ll have practical skills not only for conducting great performance reviews – but also for getting great performance all year long.

Resolving Conflict: (3 hours)

Your job as a manager is not to avoid conflict. It’s to turn those conflicting views into a positive result – quickly and effectively. Using the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Instrument, you’ll identify your personal conflict-management style. You’ll also learn a five-step method for preventing conflict and an eight-step method for resolving it.

What Makes A Team Productive: (2 hours)

Want to be on a winning team? The winning combination is the ability to manage both tasks and relationships, and in this session you’ll learn it first-hand by participating in a dynamic, competitive activity. So when you go back to work, you’ll understand the characteristics of a successful team, the stages of team development and how to be an effective team player.

Pulling It All Together/Case Studies: (2 hours)

Practice makes perfect. That’s why, in this final class, you’ll prepare a case study based on an actual management challenge that you’re currently facing. Then you’ll facilitate a team brainstorming and problem-solving session. By the end of the session, you’ll have an action plan that uses tools from throughout the program to solve your real workplace challenge.

Graduation: (30 minutes)

Congratulations! You did it! The program closes with a celebration, including a presentation of graduation certificates. No cap and gown required.