Competitive Solicitation for Life Sciences/Healthcare IT Accelerator Program Manager

The New Jersey Economic Development Authority (“Authority”) is seeking qualifications and solicitation submissions from well-qualified applicants to manage a Life Sciences/Healthcare IT Accelerator in New Jersey. This accelerator will be hosted at the Authority’s Commercialization Center for Innovative Technologies (‘CCIT’) in North Brunswick, NJ.

To review the full Competitive Solicitation, and all requirements, please click here.

The NJ Life Sciences/Healthcare IT Accelerator Initiative is conceived as a mentorship-driven, seed and early-stage investment fund based on initiatives in other states that have successfully engaged the community to support promising entrepreneurs interested in advancing Healthcare Information Technology and/or one of the many segments of the Life Sciences Industry. The Initiative will aim to provide a competitive environment focused on allowing entrepreneurs to showcase their products, ideas and business acumen in a mentor driven program for an opportunity to receive funding, mentorship and build key partnerships.

As noted in the solicitation, questions concerning this competitive solicitation, may be submitted, in writing via e-mail, to and must be received at or before 5:00 PM prevailing local time, on Friday, March 15, 2013. Phone calls / faxes shall not be accepted.

All answers to the questions submitted for this solicitation will be posted to the Authority’s website – as soon as available, but in no event later than Friday, March 22, 2013 at 5:00pm.

Thank you for your interest.