BioNJ Announces Members Only Health Benefits Plan

BioNJ to Offer One of the First Industry Health Plan Solutions in America

Trenton, NJ – Today BioNJ and the Affiliated Physicians and Employers Master Trust (“APEMT”) announced that they have reached a definitive agreement to allow BioNJ to become a sponsor in the APEMT Health Plan to benefit member companies of BioNJ. The new partnership will enable BioNJ to provide high-quality, affordable group health benefits to its member companies and their employees. The BioNJ sponsorship in the APEMT is subject to state regulatory approval and is expected to be operational as of January 1, 2019. APEMT Health Plan is an existing Self-Insured Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangement (“MEWA”) registered with the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance as well as the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development which provides coverage to members of participating Associations throughout New Jersey.

A MEWA is the vehicle that allows small and mid-sized employers who have joined together as one large group to offer a self-insured health plan to the collective group, often referred to as “Association Health Plans”. A MEWA Plan provides economies of scale typically only afforded to large employers by way of lower administrative fees and gives employers access to a wider variety of health plans. APEMT is a health plan owned and managed by the Trust and its member employers. The APEMT has been operational in New Jersey since 2002 offering high-quality, affordable group health and prescription benefits to participating Association members through existing Hospital and Physician Organizations as well as the Medical Society of New Jersey and the Employers Association of New Jersey. BioNJ will become the fourth New Jersey Association joining the APEMT as a partner. The APEMT currently services more than 4,300 member companies covering more than 44,000 participants.

The APEMT Health Plans offer member companies in excess of 20 unique benefit design options and leverages the economies of scale to offer efficient and affordable group benefits to its member companies. The APEMT’s suite of services includes medical, pharmacy, dental, telehealth and other contemporary products and features offering its members best-in-class and unique options for employer sponsored benefit programs. According to Debbie Hart, BioNJ President and CEO, “We have been seeking health benefits solutions in response to stated member needs over several years now. Our members have been looking for an effective solution to deal with rising health care costs and challenges with their benefits plans for years. Our partnership with APEMT now gives our members access to a platform to provide a more efficient and cost-effective solution to their employees and family members. We’re delighted to partner with the APEMT and are particularly excited to be one of the first Bio Associations in the country to be able to deliver such a solution.”

According to John Sarno, Esq., APEMT Board Member and President of EANJ, “The APEMT is very excited to welcome BioNJ to our program. BioNJ is one of the most prestigious and effective associations in New Jersey with a large membership base. The APEMT is pleased to partner with BioNJ and offer our leading-edge products, services and solutions to its members. We believe this will be a great partnership for all involved.”

About BioNJ – Founded in 1994, BioNJ has been hard at work in its mission to enhance the climate for biotechnology in the state. As the representative of an industry that has the potential to change the course of human health, make our environment cleaner and the foods we eat safer and healthier, BioNJ is single-minded in its commitment to the growth and prosperity of this industry within the state of New Jersey. BioNJ represents a “who’s who” of the nations’ life sciences, pharmaceutical and biotech organizations. For more information,visit

About the Affiliated Physicians and Employers Master Trust – APEMT is an employee benefits trust established for the benefit of employers who participate in designated associations who wish to provide medical and prescription benefits for their Members. Currently the Master Trust is a common law trust which serves as a vehicle to operate health plans for New Jersey associations and their Members. The Master Trust is organized as a self-insured multiple employer welfare arrangement (“MEWA”) under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (“ERISA”) and licensed as a multiple employer welfare arrangement (“MEWA”) by the State of New Jersey, Department of Banking and Insurance. Established in 2002 in partnership with several premier hospitals and physician organizations and later expanding through sponsorships with the Medical Society of New Jersey and later the Employers Association of New Jersey, the APEMT is a New Jersey-based Self-Insured Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangement (MEWA). The APEMT program was established to leverage the economies of scale in a way traditionally only afforded to larger employers. The APEMT MEWA pools small and mid-sized businesses into a single, sizeable, member-owned organization to offer healthcare and other benefits to member employers and their employees. Economics of scale enable participating employers to reduce their overall risk by pooling together their claims experience and healthcare fees. For more information, visit

Concord Management Resources is the contracted management services entity that manages the day-to-day operations of the APEMT and oversees vendor management, regulatory operations and other administrative functions of the APEMT. More Information, visit

Conner Strong & Buckelew will act as the Program Manager for BioNJ and exclusively work with BioNJ member companies and their brokers in promoting and marketing the program on behalf of BioNJ. Conner Strong & Buckelew worked with the APEMT in bringing the unique solution to BioNJ and is the preferred insurance adviser to Bio NJ. More Information, visit

Direct questions and inquiries regarding this announcement and the program to Joe DiBella, Conner Strong & Buckelew at, or 856-552-4618.

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For information on the APEMT Health Plan and BioNJ Membership, please contact Kimberly Minton at