BioNJ Announces Selection of Second Fellow in BioNJ’s Entrepreneurship Fellowship Program

Trenton, NJ (July 26, 2019) – BioNJ, the life sciences trade association for New Jersey, is pleased to announce Paul Oyefesobi, Ohio State University, College of Pharmacy (Class of 2019), as the second fellow in BioNJ’s Entrepreneurship Fellowship Program.

BioNJ’s Entrepreneurship Fellowship Program was created in 2018 to mentor, develop and train life sciences entrepreneurs in New Jersey to encourage the establishment and location of start-ups in the State. The Program is sponsored by New Jersey-based life sciences companies that offer hands-on, high value opportunities and experiences.

Participating companies include Amicus Therapeutics, Pfizer, Photocure, PTC Therapeutics, OncoSec Medical and Rafael Pharma. Each fellow rotates amongst these innovation companies for a period of six months at a time. Mr. Oyefesobi began his Fellowship on July 1, 2019 at OncoSec Medical.

“We are thrilled with the success of BioNJ’s Entrepreneurship Fellowship Program to date,” said Christopher Schaber, Ph.D., Chairman, BioNJ and President and CEO, Soligenix. “The program provides the opportunity to recruit talented potential entrepreneurs to learn about the industry and to possibly start their own company right here in the State in the future.”

“We would like to thank our participating companies and fellows for supporting the growth of New Jersey’s ecosystem,” added BioNJ President and CEO, Debbie Hart. “We had a stellar group of candidates apply for the Fellowship and were delighted to offer this opportunity to Mr. Oyefesobi. Our first fellow, Irina Katz, PharmD, recently began her second year of the program with her rotation at Amicus Therapeutics. We are proud that our Fellowship provides each fellow with a well-rounded experience — combining professional growth, personal development and endless networking opportunities.”

“BioNJ’s Entrepreneurship Fellowship program is very unique, in that you experience working not only in different departments, but also at different companies. The Fellowship has given me the opportunity to work with companies ranging from a pharmaceutical giant like Pfizer to a small pipeline only organization like Rafael Pharma,” said Irina Katz, PharmD. “Being a Fellow in this program, I feel as if I am holding a hologram of the biopharmaceutical industry in my hand and constantly turning it around to see another angle and to experience something new.”

To learn more about BioNJ’s Entrepreneurship Fellowship Program or to discuss how to develop a program tailored to meet your organization’s needs, contact

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