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Why New Jersey for Your Organization


BioNJ Member Benefits


Medical Innovation on the Horizon in New Jersey


The Value of Medical Innovation


Celebrating New Jersey’s Life Sciences Industry
Performed by The Water Coolers


BIO NJ AWARDS 2018 Project 2
Performed by The Water Coolers



Annual Dinner Meeting 2018 Sol J. Barer Honoree














BioNJ Thought Leaders - Dr. Pecora

Webinar: The New Jersey Biopharma Industry - A Prescription for Growth

Lab Safety Update: What Matters & Why

The Benefits of BioNJ Membership vF

Why New Jersey vF

Why Attend BioNJ's CEO Summit vF

Describe the Strengths of the NJ Ecosystem vF


BioNJ NASDAQ Opening Bell Ceremony 2016

Who is BioNJ?

Understanding Section 503 Are you ready for an OFCCP Audit

Protecting Your Company in an Ever-Changing Regulatory Environment Webinar

The Biotech Industry Opens The NASDAQ

BioNJ Launch Telecast

BioNJ Member Engagement Meeting - Francois Nader, MD, Chairman, BioNJ

BioNJ Industry Study Webinar - Life Sciences in New Jersey: Looking Beyond Biotech

Second Annual Diagnostics and Personalized Medicine Innovation Summit

BioNJ 2013 Sol J. Barer Award Winner - Francois Nader

BioNJ Patient Advocacy Webinar

BioNJ Manufacturing Webinar - July 26, 2012

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