Patient Advocacy Committee

The BioNJ Patient Advocacy Committee strives to raise public awareness, educate and support the life sciences community regarding Patient Advocacy and its increasingly vital role in partnership with industry in the advancement of human health. Committee members develop programming for the annual Patient Advocacy Summit designed for anyone in New Jersey who advocates on behalf of Patients.

Committee Members

Nancy Bayerlein, MT Pharma
Holly Blair, Pfizer
Phillip Crowley, Crowley Law LLC
Jennifer Deperry
, Pfizer
Martina Flammer, Insmed
Alexandra Freitas
, PTC Therapeutics
Jayne Gershkowitz, Amicus Therapeutics
Liza Gundell, Family Resource Network
Ethan Hasbrouck, Bristol Myers Squibb
Sharon Klien, Neurofibromatosis Northeast
Anna Maria Maritato, Pfizer
Gina Murdoch
, Multiple Sclerosis Assoc. of America
Paula Orandash, PTC Therapeutics
Michael Parisi, Cancer Care & Luminaty
Candie Phipps, Novartis
Patricia Roselle, Sanofi
Lisa Schill, Patient Advocacy & Engagement Consultant
Adam Taliaferro, Bristol Myers Squibb
Debbie Yobs, CJD Foundation (Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease)

BioNJ Committee Policy
Each BioNJ Committee has two Co-Committee Chairpersons, as identified and selected by BioNJ leadership and the working Committee. Each Committee Chairperson is elected for a two-year term. At BioNJ’s discretion, one Chairperson will transition off annually to allow for continuity of leadership.