Patient Advocacy Committee

The Mission

It is the purpose of BioNJ’s Patient Advocacy Committee to publicly raise awareness, educate and support the community regarding Patient Advocacy and its important role in partnership with industry. This Committee communicates that New Jersey’s biotech industry is a critical and long-term agent in the advancement of human health.

The Vision

Patient Advocacy is an accepted and vital company function that ensures patient community partnership in the development of and access to drugs and devices produced by the New Jersey biotechnology industry. BioNJ and its Patient Advocacy Committee remain dedicated to reaching this vision Because Patients Can’t Wait.

Committee Members

We are very excited to have a few new Planning Committee Members. Below is our full Committee list.

  • Michael Parisi, Cancer Care
  • Ashley Salmon, Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation
  • Jennifer McGarry, LLS
  • Janet Haag, NAMI
  • Eric Joice, Family Resource Network
  • Liza Gundell, Family Resource Network
  • Lisa Schill, Rasopathies Network
  • Robert Goldberg, Center for Medicine in the Public Interest
  • Kim Roemer, Multiple System Atrophy
  • Mary Francis Harmon, PTC Therapeutics
  • Greg Geissman, Celgene
  • Jayne Gershkowitz, Amicus
  • Candi Phipps, Novartis
  • Susan Gorky, Celgene
  • Candie Phipps, Novartis
  • Patricia Roselle, Sanofi US
  • Wendy M. Lazarus, Pfizer
  • Dmitri Siegel, Celgene
  • Cara Kelly, Celgene
  • Jaye Bea Smalley, Celgene
  • David Lustig, Celgene
  • Lauren Wood, Immunomedics