Purchasing Consortium Suppliers

BioNJ Purchasing Consortium

Helping you help your Patients – BioNJ’s Purchasing Consortium puts Member-benefit savings in the palm of your hand!

From Lab Supplies to Insurance and Office Supplies to Shipping, Take A Fresh Look At Your Savings And The Current Suppliers In BioNJ’s Purchasing Consortium:


Specialty Gases


Company & Drug Profiles


Business Insurance/
Risk Management


Environmental Waste Disposal


Equipment Maintenance


Lab Equipment, Supply & Safety


Moving & Relocation Services


Research Grade Microscope Systems


Office Supplies, Furniture
and Equipment


Computer System Quality Assurance (CQA) and Computer System Validation (CSV)


News Distribution Services

Document Retrieval

Cleanroom Services

Workwear Services


Shipping Services


Please note:  BioNJ may receive a fee from Business Solutions Preferred Providers for their participation in the BioNJ Preferred Provider Program.

For more information on how you can sign up for these Member discounts, and save your working capital, contact:

Kim Minton
Director of Member Engagement