BioPharm Insight

New Jersey Company Profiles, Drug Profiles and Market Analytics

BioPharm Insight is pleased to partner with BioNJ to provide Members with important insights into the life sciences industry in New Jersey at no cost. Members will have access to detailed profiles of over 200 pharmaceutical and biotech companies and over 2,500 investigational and approved drug programs.

 Searchable Company Profiles include data on:

  • Active drug programs
  • Clinical trial trending; by current status and by top therapeutic area
  • Licensing agreements
  • Financial news and M&A deals
  • Company financials
  • Medicaid drug sales data3

Searchable Drug Profiles include data on:

  • Expected catalysts
  • Investigational listings by phase & indication
  • Clinical trial study profiles and active sites
  • Consensus forecasting up to 2020 on approved drugs
  • Patent information

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Please note that this service is reserved to BioPharm Insight’s New Jersey database only. Independently of the program provided by BioNJ, Members can expand this service to the full BioPharm Insight database through a fee paid directly to BioPharm Insight.