Science Accelerator: How to Apply for Funding

The Science & Technology Accelerator is tasked with identifying the most revolutionary, game-changing innovations, which are capable of dramatically improving cardiovascular health of millions of people, and assisting them from scientific validation through proof of concept. At that point, having been “de-risked” sufficiently, they can gain traction with industry or private equity sources of funding to take them to the finish line. In order to qualify for investment funding consideration, the inventor/innovator should be prepared to provide the following:

  • a brief explanation of how his or her innovation will improve cardiovascular health by dramatically reducing the incidence of heart attack and stroke; this explanation should be understandable by non-scientists
  • solid evidence of the scientific validity of the innovation, such as peer-reviewed publication(s)
  • proof of intellectual property ownership, such as patent application(s) in at least the U.S., as well as proof of freedom to operate
  • detailed development plans and regulatory strategy
  • business plan providing plausible timelines and route(s) to successful commercialization
  • size of investment requested and breakdown of exactly how it would be deployed
  • how and over what timeframe the AHA’s investment would be repaid

The Science & Technology Accelerator Program hopes to have raised sufficient funds by end of 1st quarter of 2013 to commence its next investment round with an announcement and request for proposals on the website below. If you believe your innovation could qualify for investment by the Science & Technology Accelerator Program, please watch for the announcement, and be prepared to provide the information listed above.

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