Why Use is the world’s largest marketplace for outsourced research services. For over a decade has connected global research organizations with commercial research organizations (CROs) to simplify research outsourcing. The marketplace is a source-to-pay platform that saves researchers time, reduces costs, provides access to the latest research innovations and ensures regulatory compliance.


Ease of Use:
• Initiate sourcing requests online within minutes
• Communicate with thousands of suppliers
• Receive multiple proposals within 3 days
• Access all of’s pre-qualified suppliers
• Use pre-established supplier legal and finance agreements
• Log in via single-sign on (SSO) for easy access

Extensive Support:
• Research Concierge™ team that reviews every request
• Legal and finance support for all orders
• Online access to industry-leading compliance tools
• Custom finance punchouts and ERP integration
• Regular onsite and online training
• Digital reports based on pre-defined KPIs

DataSmart™ Security:
• GDPR compliant, SOC 2 certified and ISO9001:2015 certified
• Blockchain technology used to ensure data integrity


A highly efficient enterprise-wide outsourcing marketplace makes it possible for research organizations to save time and money, access innovation and ensure compliance.


Customer-Friendly Business Model:
• No subscription, license, implementation or transaction fees
• Suppliers join for free but pay a 1-5% commission on orders
• Supplier-agnostic model (No side deals with suppliers)

Trusted Legal Framework Supporting Existing Legal Agreements:
• Option to use marketplace legal agreement or existing MSAs
• Ability to use online legal riders to address one-off project needs
• Mitigate legal risk with custom-built legal approval workflows

Extensive Supplier Due Diligence:
• COMPLi™ – An award-winning online compliance tool that simplifies the oversight, management and tracking of regulated services
• Supplier Intelligence Portal – An online portal that displays supplier certifications, capabilities, badges, RFIs and ratings

Pre-Competitive, Cross-Pharma Initiatives:
• Shared supplier on-site assessments
• Shared supplier due diligence with ratings
• Industry-wide innovation scouting program

10 Years Outsourcing Experience Across Multiple Life Science Industries:
• Including Pharma, Biotech, Crop Science, Animal Health and Cosmetics innovation and ensure compliance.


Fore more information, please call Tristan Cook-Ziegler at 414-517-7371 or 858-455-1300 or email