Membership Update – January 2012

BioNJ welcomes BioMatters, Inc., and HDL Apomics as new Core Members for 2012. Biomatters, Inc. Biomatters, Inc., develops and markets Geneious Pro, a revolutionary bioinformatics software platform that is both ultra-powerful and easy to use. Scientists, researchers, and students are able to search, organize, and analyze genomic and protein information via a single desktop program… Read the full article

Biotechnology Companies in the News – January 2012

Editor’s Note: The home page of the BioNJ website provides an up-to-the-minute headline service where readers can access press releases issued by New Jersey-based biotechnology companies. Go to the “New Jersey Biotechnology Company News” section on the BioNJ home page to read the latest news. Companies wishing to appear in the Biolines Biotechnology Companies in… Read the full article