Top 15 Corporate Venture Funds

  1. Novartis Venture Fund
    Investment Preferences:
     Life sciences companies across
    biotech/pharma, medical devices and diagnostics.
  2. Roche Venture Fund
    Investment Preferences: Private companies with innovative medicines, diagnostics and technologies.
  3. Lilly Asia Ventures
    Investment Preferences: Life sciences and health sector companies.
  4. MedImmune Ventures
    Investment Preferences: Private companies that develop molecules, vaccines, pharma technology and platforms.
  5. Merck Reserch Lab Ventures
    Investment Preferences: Early-stage therapeutics.
  6.  Astellas Venture Management
    Investment Preferences: Biotech companies focused on therapeutics.
  7. Novartis Option Fund
    Investment Preferences: Early-stage, high risk areas enabling growth
    of novel progress and technology.
  8. Lilly Ventures
    Investment Preferences: Biotech companies building multi-product pipelines (pharma and diagnostics).
  9. Amgen Ventures
    Investment Preferences: Start-ups focused on therapeutics.
  10. MS Ventures 
    Investment Preferences: Early-stage companies that benefit Patients in therapeutic areas.
  11. Boehringer Ingelheim Venture Fund
    Investment Preferences: Enhancements in Patient care through
    innovative science.
  12. MP Healthcare Venture Management
    Investment Preferences: Early/late stage life sciences companies in North America and Europe.
  13. Merck Serono Entrepreneur Partnership Program
    Investment Preferences: Early stage companies that develop the next generation technologies and products to serve unmet medical need and improve patient outcomes.
  14. Novartis Korea Venture Fund
    Investment Preferences: Early-stage innovative life sciences companies.
  15. MS Ventures Israel Bioincubator Fund
    Investment Preferences: Biopharma, biotech and pharma startups.