BioNJ welcomes our new Innovation Members

BioNJ welcomes our new Innovation Members:

Acuta Pharmaceuticals, LLC
Aucta Pharmaceuticals, LLC is founded by experienced pharmaceutical research scientists from the U.S. and China, and managed by U.S. pharma industry veterans, with locations in Shanghai, China and New Jersey. Our expertise is new drug product development, product label improvement and solving difficult technical issues. We have solid fundamentals and a sophisticated technology platform, and can rapidly tackle technical issues and propose new product concepts. The company will be in the business of novel and generic formulation product development. We work with pharma companies around the world in product co-development and sponsored research, and provide value added solutions to our partners and their projects.

Nevakar, LLC
Nevakar, LLC is a specialty bio-pharmaceutical company with a primary focus in critical patient care, oncology and ophthalmology. Our goal is to identify unmet clinical and/or commercial needs of currently available products, and address these unmet needs by offering improved and enhanced products through intensive R&D efforts. These drug repositioning efforts are focused on physical and chemical alterations of drug products, formulation and presentation, as well as novel drug delivery approaches. Resulting new products are expected to provide patient-centric benefits, while ensuring incremental value proposition for the healthcare system.

Silagene, Inc.
SilaGene, Inc. was founded in June 2008 by Drs. Sam Gunderson and Rafal Goraczniak – the two inventors of the U1 Adaptor technology.  SilaGene is the exclusive licensee of the U1 Adaptor technology from Rutgers University and began operating in September 2009 when Dr. Goraczniak became its first employee and occupied 2,000 square feet of laboratory space in Hillsborough, New Jersey.  Dr. SilaGene’s overall mission is to commercialize the U1 Adaptor technology by developing U1 Adaptors with therapeutic potential for a wide variety of diseases, with an initial focus on cancer.

Triumvira Immunologies, Inc.
Triumvira Immunologics, Inc. is a biotechnology company developing a novel platform for engineering T cells to attack cancers. We use genetic engineering to redirect T cells to recognize cancer antigens found on the surface of certain cancer cells. Our innovative and proprietary technology, called the T Cell-Antigen Coupler (or TAC), possesses advantages over other approaches because of the nature of the TAC construct. In contrast to the Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR), the TAC receptor signals through the T cell receptor complex and thus leverages the endogenous activating and counter-regulatory pathways used by T cells normally during engagement with target cells.  Thus the TAC provides a nuanced and regulated activation of the T cell, which we believe will result in an improved therapeutic index.  Triumvira has licensed the TAC technology from the laboratory of Jonathan Bramson, PhD, of McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.