Public Policy Committee

About the Committee

BioNJ’s Public Policy Committee ensures that BioNJ has a position on relevant legislative and regulatory proposals and programs.  The Committee is comprised of BioNJ Innovation Members who serve for a one-year term at the invitation of the Committee Chairman or Co-Chairmen and the President and CEO of BioNJ. The Committee meets on a quarterly or as-needed basis.

Committee Members

Domenick Argento, Merck & Co., Inc.
Ambaw Bellete, Photocure, Inc., Committee Chairman
George Coutros, Sanofi US
Loredana Cromarty, Allergan
Sonia Delgado, PPAG
Robert Feeney, Ipsen
Chris Guiton, Johnson & Johnson
Debbie Hart, BioNJ
Ethan Hasbrouck, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Paul G. Howes, Translatum Medicus
Brian Kelly, Novo Nordisk
Michele Korfin, Tyme Inc
Wendy Lazarus, Pfizer
Tim Lyden, Eli Lilly
John Maki, Vicus Pharmaceuticals
Scott Megaffin, Churchill Pharmaceuticals
Daniel O’Connor, J.D., Oncosec
Dennis Ondrejik, Soligenix Inc
Candie Phipps, Novartis Pharmaceuticals
Kevin Rigby, K Rigby Consulting
James Sapirstein, R. Ph., MBA, RespireRx Pharmaceuticals
Dmitri Siegel, Celgene Corporation
John Slotman, BioNJ
Edward Trott, Ferring Pharmaceuticals
Ed Waters, State Street Associates
Joseph Zimmerman, Ferring Pharmaceuticals