“Connecting and Collecting the Dots” is a deliverable identified under the overarching BioNJ Health Equity in Clinical Trials Initiative. While many companies in New Jersey want to increase diversity in clinical trials, there is currently no unified platform through which companies can exchange strategies and share their initiatives.

Under “Collecting and Connecting the Dots,” our goal is to create a publicly accessible virtual platform where companies can share their work and projects, industry professionals can find examples from which to learn and collaboration can flourish. Over the coming months, BioNJ will focus on the “Collecting” portion of this initiative – with the goal of having the portal built and populated early 2023.

The “Connecting the Dots” phase will commence at the start of 2023 with a series of virtual and in-person events during which companies will present their initiatives and connect with others for interactive Q&A and to explore collaboration opportunities.

Collecting and Connecting Data Committee