BioNJ Statement on Vaccine Mandates for the Workplace and Events

May 1, 2021

BioNJ is a community of individuals guided by science in service to patients in New Jersey. We celebrate the tremendous achievement by our peers in the medical, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industry of delivering safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines available to fight this global pandemic. Vaccination will be a key and foundational pillar to halting the COVID-19 pandemic by limiting hospitalization, death and community spread of the virus.

BioNJ’s Board of Directors supports public policy behind mandates for immunizations given the health, social and economic benefits to our local and global communities. As we consider the questions of whether to mandate the COVID-19 vaccine for our employees, or in-person participation at our events, we are also mindful of the need to accommodate those who are unable to take the vaccine. We strongly encourage anyone eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine to get a vaccine.

Regarding a vaccine mandate for in-person attendance at BioNJ events, BioNJ will comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws, including with regard to applicable medical and religious accommodations as well as CDC and other health department guidance to ensure that any environment is as safe as possible for all BioNJ members and guests. BioNJ will be vigilant in monitoring the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on its event planning and will consider all feasible options to ensure that these important policy considerations are taken into account, as well as allowing as many members as possible to participate in-person and virtually.

BioNJ strongly encourages anyone eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine to get a vaccine. Member and Patient safety is a guiding principle for BioNJ.

We encourage all members to make decisions for their employees based on scientific evidence, health authority guidance and federal, state and local laws.