You Only Pay When You Save!

GSC Advisors is the industries leading organization helping major buyers of corrugated evaluate, negotiate and strategize their corrugated purchase. We would like to introduce you to a proven approach that GSC Advisors have executed for Fortune 500 companies.  The program delivers significant savings to our Members; in fact, the GSC Advisors has saved companies $50 million on their corrugated packaging spend.

GSC is offering the industries most accurate baseline analysis, developed by executives within the corrugated industry, FREE to all BioNJ members!!  The free savings analysis will rank the highest to lowest cost for each Corrugated Box by package design, supplier and location.  The savings analysis will also include the supporting facts to develop a strategy for the most efficient management of the corrugated category.

GSC Advisors guides companies through the negotiation of corrugated using a single formula pricing model applied across all package designs.  They have deep knowledge on how to negotiate corrugated packaging and have a singular focus on the corrugated industry.  GSC Advisors is only compensated on a percentage of the savings yielded by their efforts. 

Gene Ciemny

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