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BioNJ’s BioPartnering Conference is the premier partnering event in New Jersey, where innovative companies go to meet investors and industry representatives. As the Medicine Chest to the World, New Jersey is home to the world’s top biopharmaceutical companies and an ideal location for this conference for entrepreneurs to meet their next investor or partner. 

Hear from These Emerging Companies
  • 4M Therapeutics
  • Accelerated Biosciences
  • ACON Pharmaceuticals
  • Adiso Therapeutics
  • AGelity Biomechanics
  • AOA Dx
  • ArrePath
  • Ascent Bio
  • Aspargo Labs
  • Avistone Biotechnology
  • Benevira
  • BioCentriq
  • Canget BioTekpharma
  • Couragene
  • DevaCell
  • Enalare Therapeutics
  • EpiBone
  • FrontAim Biomedicines
  • Hanimune Therapeutics
  • Iktos
  • Illuminare Biotechnologies
  • Intrommune Therapeutics
  • Jubilant Therapeutics
  • Kayothera
  • Lactiga US
  • Merlin Biotech
  • NanomediGene
  • NemaGen Discoveries
  • Neuropathix
  • NuraLogix
  • Panavance Therapeutics
  • Partex
  • PharmaNest
  • Regenosine
  • Ricovr Healthcare
  • Rx Bandz
  • Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical
  • Sentauri
  • Sentrimed
  • SFA Therapeutics
  • Signum Biosciences, Inc. 
  • SkunkWorx Bio
  • Soligenix
  • Somnia Therapeutics
  • Taxis Pharmaceuticals
  • TelomEye Pharmaceuticals
  • Thread Bioscience
  • Torigen
  • Vaxine USA
  • Xiconic Pharmaceuticals
  • Ziphius
Listen to Early-Stage Start-Up Pitches
  • 6S Pharma
  • Abonics
  • Addinex Technologies
  • Advent Therapeutics
  • Azome Therapeutics
  • BioLattice Ophthalmics
  • Clinical Trials
  • Delphine Diagnostics
  • Dimer Health
  • Hongyi Therapeutics
  • HopeAI
  • Inaedis
  • Innerstill
  • InteguRx Therapeutics
  • Kognitic
  • KolateAI PharmaTech
  • LumaCell
  • Mechano Therapeutics
  • Monarch Therapeutics
  • NeuroPair
  • OLI Technologies
  • Orbits Oncology
  • Pression
  • Prima Innovations
  • SciMar ONE
  • Synergy Therapeutics
  • tenXclinical
  • TRIZ Biopharma International
  • Vasowatch
  • Zena Therapeutics
Presenters: Register Now!

All presenters must register for the conference and attend in person on May 14th at Liberty Science Center in Jersey City. If you haven’t already registered, please use this link to register now.

Important Information for Presenting Companies
  • Applicants will be notified by March 12, 2024 if they are selected to present at the conference.
  • All presenters must be available to present in person on Tuesday, May 14 at Liberty Science Center in Jersey City.
  • Accepted companies will be responsible for their Conference registration fees. There is no additional fee to apply or present. Click here to register.
  • All presenters must attend a mandatory Information Session on March 19, 2024, from 9:30 a.m.-11:00 a.m. EST.
  • BioNJ offers free coaching sessions with representatives from BioNJ member companies for presenters to prepare for the conference. Coaching sessions will take place between April 1 – April 12. All companies selected for Startup Pitch Presentations (2-minute presenters) are required to participate in a coaching session. Coaching sessions are optional but recommended for Company Presentations (8-minute presenters). 
  • Final presentation slide decks are due no later than April 22, 2024. 
  • All presenting companies are strongly encouraged to sign up on the BioPartnering Conference 1:1 Partnering Platform to schedule 1:1 meetings with other conference attendees. Partnering Platform will open in April.
BioNJ BioPartnering Conference Pitch Workshop

Presenting companies are invited to watch BioNJ’s Pitch Workshop providing valuable insights into crafting effective pitch presentation.

Slide Templates and Format for Presentations

Download a slide template here: