Submission Form for BioNJ’s Collection of Best Practices

Under BioNJ’s Health Equity in Clinical Trials Initiative, we are building a Health Equity in Clinical Trials Best Practices Database where life sciences professionals can go to find guiding principles, proven strategies and examples from which to learn from to help you increase diversity within your own trials.

Please help us build BioNJ’s Best Practices Database by sharing your company’s most innovative initiatives in the areas of:

  • Patient Recruitment, Engagement & Community Outreach
  • Site Selection & Expansion
  • Data Types (e.g., electronic health records)
  • Workforce Development (e.g., investigator education and diversity)
  • Trial Sponsor (e.g., influence study and protocol design)
  • Screening Processes (e.g., decentralized trial technologies)
  • Policy (e.g., latest happenings in the State, such as NJ Medicaid & Clinical Treatment Act)

The Database will feature work broader than just R&D. So, please consider all of the functions across your organization touching this top priority and submit your top five. Thank you.

Throughout the year, BioNJ will host webinars to discuss best practices, share learnings and foster collaboration opportunities.

Submission Form for BioNJ’s Collection of Best Practices

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